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outdoor seating

Because of Design,
We Grow Together With the Corporation.

We assist clients in identifying original demands and innovative approaches.
We execute our common vision
with steadfastness and pragmatism.
We work together with our clients to attain sustainable
 economic development.

Have you also encountered some problems?

The product are unreasonable, but it has to bring goods to market.

Unable to connect imaginative design ideas with the
actual reasons for consumer purchases.

Difficulty in balancing team management and performance evaluation.

The internal team action is solidified, and the product cannot break through.

Decision-makers can't make head nor tail of design and development.

The experience of the physical store is poor, which reduces sales conversion.


Case 1.jpg
Case: Yotrio Group Co
Wall-mounted dressing table, Gujia Home Furnishing
Case: KUKA

How do businesses adapt to the continuously changing aesthetic preferences of consumers?
Creating a groundbreaking
wall-mounted makeup table.

Case M chair_edited.jpg
Case: Red Star Macalline

In current retail environment, how might products help business in decreasing marketing expenses?
Designing a flagship product for
Red Star Macalline's.


Qiu Chair JDS Group
Interview: China Furniture Association

How do designers and creative companies understand 'design' as market demands and design trends change over time?

Tesla China Boutique
Interview: Tesla/Himalaya GIGA Radio

Tesla redefined not only transportation but also what a "home" is. It combines the spirit of travel with structural functionality.
It could be a home everywhere.

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