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Milan Design Week 2023
"Future Tide, Design Leads"

News Salone del Mobile. Milano 

Milan Design Week, which took place from 17 to 23 April under the theme "Future Tide, Design Leads", expresses the exploration of future design trends and innovations, as well as the important role of design in leading future development. With the rapid development of technology, social and environmental changes, the future is full of infinite possibilities and challenges. Milan Design Week will be a platform for designers to showcase their insights and imaginations of the future, and to explore design solutions for the future of society, life and the environment. At the same time, the theme emphasises the important role of design in leading the future. Design, as a force for innovation and creativity, can lead to social, economic, cultural and environmental change.

In 1998, Marva Griffin founded and still curates Salone Satellite, a showcase for emerging designers. Many organisations around the world have attempted to 'replicate' Salone Satellite, but it has been difficult to achieve the level of curatorial excellence that Salone Satellite has achieved. Of course I would like to see more 'scouts' discovering good designers," says Marwa. There are always people in the world who want to replicate success, but success is a magic formula that is very difficult to break and surpass."

Satellite show dedicated to new talent

"What is the future of design?
In 2023, the Satellite Show is poised to answer
one question - where is design going?"

Marva Griffin, Salone Satellite Founder

Representing the emerging design firms, JDS Design presented three award-winning works in this exhibition: a foldable outdoor chair, a carbon fibre coffee table and a flat-packable outdoor chair. Their designs not only represent the emergence of China's young design force, but are also closely related to the social context, especially when considering the question of "what is the future of design"

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, people are showing unprecedented enthusiasm for nature and outdoor activities. Against this backdrop, the Nu Honour team designed the "Chopstick" lounge chair to meet the growing demand for outdoor activities. Made of thick leather, the chair can be easily folded and stored, taking up minimal storage space and providing a simple yet elegant way to unfold. The design not only fulfils the need for relaxation, but also considers sustainability, in line with today's circular economy.

米兰展 - 梜椅
"Jia"Lounge Chair
米兰展 - 户外椅
Outdoor Chair

JDS Shanghai believes that design services are not only about solving problems, but also about sustainability, which is a design philosophy that fits in with today's concept of circular economy. By creating innovative and sustainable solutions, JDS Shanghai demonstrates how design can be organically integrated with the needs of social development through its design work.

When JDS Group, China's young design force, is represented on the international stage, it shows the world the face of China. Along with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of China's design level, Ruheng is confident that they will meet the global audience with more and more wonderful design works on the international stage.

Project Date:2023.04.17 — 23
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