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Furniture Milano 2022: Sustainable and Ecological

News Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022


The 60th edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, which will take place from 7 to 12 June 2022 at the new International Congress Hall (Fiera Milano Rho) in Milan, Italy, reflects the eco-transformation that is taking place in the design world, with a mission to "demonstrate that starting to embed sustainability and environmental protection in furniture production is both possible and critical". The fair will be attended by more than 2,000 exhibitors, including more than 600 young designers under the age of 35, to present their own identity and creative freedom, with sustainability and ecology as the main criteria, using the exhibition space as an architectural and communicative element.


This edition of the event invited participants and visitors to reflect on "inclusive" design that promotes "autonomy, comfort, movement, usability, interaction and safety in all things". In order to establish clear sustainability criteria, the Board of Directors of Furniture Milano has developed a series of guidelines to help exhibitors and stand designers to adopt reusable or recycled materials with a low environmental impact. These criteria include selecting environmentally friendly products, avoiding wasteful use of materials, ensuring that "adaptability" and "dismantling for reuse" are fundamental principles when selecting project components, and always keeping in mind where and how these elements can be reused or disposed of.

The world has a responsibility to move as fast as possible in the direction of sustainable design, production and distributive solutions, choosing an ethical and virtuous way of behaviour that will lead to an immediate ecological transition.

Maria Porro, Salone Satellite Exhibition Chairman

Joe Chair is named after the Chinese character "丘", which resembles the Chinese character "丘" when it is placed at 45°, which is a perfect homonym for the Chinese character "秋", which means "autumn" of JDS's designer Jiang Qiuhua. Under the theme of "sustainability and ecology" of Milan Exhibition, Mound Chair responds positively to the basic considerations of environmental protection and sustainability of materials, but it is not a hard answer sheet under the framework of proposition, it is the designer's project in the process of landing, after many precipitation and thinking, and step by step iteration, it is vivid. The uniqueness of Mound Chair lies in its friendliness to space, it breaks through the rare stackable function of the armchair, a shape, simple colour scheme, creating three material styles of wood, metal aluminium and plastic, making Mound Chair not confined to indoor and outdoor, not divided into east and west, melting into the space without losing the space.

Review by Wang Xu, Senior Media Personnel

Qiu Chair has a rounded shape, with the atmosphere and tolerance of traditional Chinese furniture, and the change of various colours and materials reveals a sense of modernity. The designer's examination of the product's function, application scenario, and the use of people everywhere reflects his mature and thorough design thinking. Among the difficulties of exhibiting during the epidemic, it is indeed a "regret" that you couldn't be there, but in retrospect, you can study more carefully the exhibition techniques of previous "satellite exhibitions" and better grasp this opportunity. Outside of design, designers are faced with a lot of challenges in every aspect, and opportunities always reward those who are prepared.


Satellite Milan has always been a catalyst for creativity, motivation and energy. It embraces young designers from all over the world, and in this place of dialogue and construction, JDS Shanghai is able to move from sprouting and trial and error to a more mature and visible international stage. JDS Shanghai is very happy and proud to be able to use its work to showcase its identity, promote its content and tell its stories in the international arena.

Project Date:2022.06.07 — 12
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