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The 12th DDS Family Pioneer Force concluded successfully

News DDS Contemporary Home Furnishing Trend Concept Exhibition

The 12th DDS Contemporary Home Trend Concept Exhibition has been postponed and adjusted three times and was successfully held! "Family Pioneer Power" is jointly sponsored by China Home Expo (Shanghai), China Construction Expo (Shanghai), Red Star Macalline, and Innovation Design Alliance.

​ Pioneer call, home gathering,3250square vanguard position,50+Brand trends appear, creativity comes first. During this special period, we use our different strengths to give you new ideas, so that everyone can feel the warmth of home in the haze.

DDS, in2021A new upgrade in the year, I hope to9Month brings the youthful power of the home to a new level. In this furniture trend concept exhibition, DDS hopes that the invited guests can use their own brand language to explain their understanding of the current youthful power of home furnishings.

Furniture trend exhibition site
Ruheng shares design concepts

As an invited guest, Ruheng deeply considered the youthful background of the home and chose to exhibit the Qiu Chair in the form of an art scene, thinking about the diversity of furniture usage scenarios from multiple dimensions and angles. This experiment aims to explore how to integrate art and life, create a richer and more in-depth cross-border experience, and inspire people to explore various lifestyles. With the theme of "Pioneering Design and Daily Life", Ruheng's founder not only shared design concepts, but also brought everyone more in-depth thinking about different lifestyles, stimulating discussions on the details of life.

Through this home furnishing trend concept exhibition, Ruheng will continue to try to interpret understanding in different cultural backgrounds with its brand language. He will continue to explore and recombine new concepts of home and promote more home design possibilities. This process not only represents innovation in the field of home furnishings, but also shows respect and exploration of diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Project Date:
2022.09.05 - 09. 08
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