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Opening Ceremony of Dewert Okin "Empowering New Life with Science and Technology, Winning the Future"

News Dewert Okin

Dewert Okin is a multinational company specializing in the fields of smart home, smart office, smart healthcare, etc. It owns two brands, OKIN and Dewert; it is a one-stop smart home, smart office and smart healthcare solution provider.

JDS Group was invited by Dewert Okin to successfully share insights on sustainable design in the Innovation Forum.


In the Innovation Forum, JDS Group shared examples of collaboration with DuPont Corian, Tesla and Yotrio Group. He discussed material properties, such as strength and durability, and how to skillfully apply these properties to product design. He also emphasized the importance of pragmatism, recognizing the criticality of identifying and solving problems in practice, and shared how this experience can help companies be more pragmatic in driving product production and partnerships. Finally, JDS Group shared how innovation and pragmatism can lead to win-win outcomes. He elaborated on the history of cooperation with the company and how the efforts of both parties have led to the successful sale of products in the global market.

如珩 德沃康演讲

November 8, 2023, Jiaxing - The opening ceremony of Dewert Okin was successfully held, with a construction area of 150,000 square meters. At the scene, more than 300 customers from all over the world, group leaders and media, witnessed this historic moment belonging to Dewert Okin.

Dewert Okin has always been committed to pioneering and innovation. In this opening ceremony launch, Dewert Okin launched 3 major technology applications: AI Intelligent Sofa System which uses millimeter wave radar technology to realize the optimal state of human body based on the zero gravity position; Snoring Detection System which uses a chip to dynamically recognize snoring and trigger snoring stop; and Whole House Intelligent System which realizes remote control of home equipment through APP or voice assistant.

德沃康 电动沙发
JDS Group visited Dewert Okin smart home system

Dewert Okin has gradually built an integrated industrial circle of research, production, supply, sales and service. During the event, JDS Group was deeply inspired by Dewert Okin's innovative smart home system, and plans to incorporate more intelligent systems into her future home design and prepare for future cooperation projects with Dewert Okin to create and realize more innovative fields.

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