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M Lounge Chair, Joe Chair
at Yanlord House Art Gallery

News Yanlord Casa Hub


Yanlord Land Group's commercial sector launched a new product line - Yanlord Casa Hub, a project with the core concept of "creating a tasteful life and building a rich life", placing home furnishing categories at the centre and taking life experience as the carrier. In Yanlord Casa Hub, diversified art spaces create a unique atmosphere, displaying home art works and breaking down the spatial barriers between people and art.


Among them, Chair Zone is the display area in Yanlord Casa Hub's art gallery, where different design inspirations are gathered in this art space. Using classic chairs as a medium, visitors have the opportunity to really "sit down", experience different design thinking and understand different lifestyles.


JDS Shanghai's design works, including the M Lounge Chair and the Mound Chair, are also on display in this art gallery, delicately blending artistic and commercial elements. These unique and creative design works attracted many netizens and art lovers to stop by and watch. This exhibition was not only an event showcasing the essence of aesthetics and design, but also a perfect combination of business and creativity. JDS Shanghai's works became representatives of fashion and art, attracting a large number of visitors, demonstrating the power of design, and introducing people to a marvellous world that combines creativity and business opportunities. The great success of this exhibition not only brought more attention and opportunities to JDS Shanghai, but also outlined a new and bright future for the intersection of art and business.

Project Date:2023.02.03
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