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China Furniture Association Design Working Committee
The third committee meeting was successfully held

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Joe Jiang, founder of JDS, was invited by the 28th China International Furniture Exhibition to participate in the "Furniture Design New Product Release" brand event to jointly enhance the international influence of Chinese furniture design brands. In this event, JDS’s Taihu table successfully won the title of “New Product of the Year”.


Jiang Qiuhua, founder of Shanghai Ruheng Technology, shared the design of the "annual new product" Taihu table.


"Annual New Product" Taihu Table

Judges' comments

Use digital language to describe aesthetics. The lightweight design and detachable structure of artificial stone are the highlights of this work. It is convenient for storage and transportation and conforms to the concept of sustainable design. The form is finely processed into one and multi-faceted, showing richness in different environments. changes in light and shadow. The designer completed a pragmatic work of art, giving the round table a more modern interpretation.


This conference clarified the work direction and development goals of the third Design Working Committee, marking a new start for the Design Working Committee. The middle stream hits the water, and those who push forward advance. This is an era of inheritance and development of Chinese design, as well as an era of self-improvement and innovation of Chinese design. JDS and the design working committee will work together to create a better future!

Project Date:2023.09.12
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