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Tesla redefined not only transportation but also what a "home" is.
It combines the spirit of travel with structural functionality.
It could be a home everywhere.

Interview Tesla/Himalaya GIGA Radio


Tesla not only redefines travel, it can also redefine what "home" is.
It can be the freedom of relaxation and peace,
It can also be a combination of simplicity and practicality,
It has both structural function and travel imagination.
Home is everywhere.

"Tesla, IKEA" is a themed immersive exhibition created by Tesla at IKEA Shanghai based on real car usage scenarios.
During the event, this issue of Jiji Radio invited three Tesla owners from the home design industry:

Zhang Ji: Designer, co-founder of WKUP Bicycle
Jiang Qiuhua: furniture designer, general manager of Ruheng Design
Tu Weiqun: Interior designer, manager of Zhima Shecai Art Hotel

Three big names in the design industry talked with us about the different definitions of "home and travel" from different perspectives.

In this issue you will hear:

13:00 "Driving a Tesla "stumbled into the depths of peach blossoms" and enjoyed an hour of tranquility. "
18:12 “Tesla, a camping tool, is also my other home.”
19:42 “Guess what’s on the designer’s car?”
28:44 “What is it like to make furniture for Yi Zhongtian?”

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