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Fu(rni)ture·The Future of Intelligent Life

Interview Furniture×LINAK


According to International Data Corporation, the global smart home market will grow 11.7 per cent year-on-year in 2021, with more than 895 million smart home devices shipped worldwide in 2021 alone.


The wave of home intelligence gathering momentum, looking to the future, what changes will occur in our lives and living space? Focusing on the present, the domestic smart furniture started late, technical barriers in particular, there is a gap in the product standards, traditional home furnishing enterprises want to achieve product intelligent upgrade, from the manufacturing side and the design side, there are a lot of problems.


As a century-old brand that started to enter the field of lifting system in 1979, LINAK, with its leading electric actuator motion technology, provides intelligent lifting technology solutions for many well-known enterprise brands around the world. Today's home dialogue LINAK brand responsible person and the industry's outstanding designers, to "Fu (rni) ture - the future of intelligent life picture" as the theme, to discuss the intelligent trend of life picture and intelligent furniture in the manufacturing, design and the solution to the problem.

In the context of intelligence, what new trends will emerge in the field of interior design?

When it comes to residential design, whole-house intelligent control has become very popular in the common household. Intelligence used to sound like a cutting-edge concept, but today it is expected to greatly enhance convenience. Looking at the interior design of commercial space, residential space, office space and so on, intelligence has long been penetrated into all aspects of the environment.


Intelligent in all kinds of space, the easiest to achieve is through the wifi stable control of all kinds of electrical appliances, in the wifi stability, product versatility are very worth studying, interior design is more to meet the user's living requirements, the space of the functional requirements, and to provide aesthetic and artistic experience. When the support of human necessary sunlight, air, water and other health-related basic elements, corresponding to the indoor needs of the equipment should be more and more to the intelligent direction. The role of interior design is more like that of a product manager, who understands the needs of the user and how technology can drive convenience, so that the user and the smart manufacturer can reach a consensus and work together for a better life.

How can intelligence optimise the home space experience?

Intelligent products in the light control, temperature and humidity, air cleanliness, water safety, food storage, healthy living, intelligent office and other aspects of the corresponding equipment and products can be achieved, but just because there are good products is far from meeting the user's demands. Interior designers are good at the user needs and reasonable configuration of the product to do a perfect integration, people-oriented, technology into life. At the same time, intelligent equipment manufacturers should be based on the user's habits, user-driven, intelligent equipment to achieve silent function, after behavioural analysis, accurate prediction, to achieve the real "intelligent" "humane".

What new changes are coming to smart living?

The intelligent life in the future may have already been heavily represented in many sci-fi type films. Consciousness control, highly intelligent AI intervention, robot housekeeper, etc., the future of artificial human beings of human deep combination, the emergence of cyborg humans are all the higher-order version of intelligent life. Not only intelligent life, the future will be in the field of medicine, space exploration and other aspects of the field will have intelligent equipment intervention. And if there is no human-centred design for the change of human life, then even the biggest breakthrough will be disastrous. The transformation of science fiction into science and technology also requires the joint efforts of all mankind to gradually realise that these elements are not far away, and are changes that every family and every person will be directly or indirectly involved in.

Talk about the need for intelligent human living

The most important work of intelligent human life is to ensure the most basic elements needed by human beings, such as sunlight, air, water and food. When all the equipment and tools can cooperate with the user to get what they want, it has lifted the human life to a very satisfactory level. Therefore, the user demand and meet the time to shorten the supply of things people need to have adequate security, is the intelligent life needs to provide. The road to simplicity, human beings' own demands and for the basis, but also very complex. Only through in-depth study of itself and the user, we can make corresponding solutions. linak in the linear actuator equipment manufacturing and use, stable output products, so that many projects can be guaranteed to land. LINAK has achieved a very high level of product design and quality, which is undoubtedly a strong help to interior designers who use these devices.

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