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How to apply

Furniture Designer


1.Passionate about interior design, furniture and soft decoration, and can deduce furniture plans based on interior design logic.
2.Independently design products, be sensitive to size, and able to independently correct shapes. Assistant Design Director
3.Proficient in modeling and drawing. Candidates with excellent modeling skills will be given priority. Proficient in operating rhino+grasshopper/proe/ug/Any software in solidworks
4.Clear logic, good at refining effective information, and understanding of basic industrial manufacturing processes
5.I hope you truly love product design and are full of positive energy. We very much welcome those with backgrounds in interior design, soft decoration design, and architectural design.

Please send your resume and portfolio to

Product Structure Engineer


1.Good at using solidworks/Use industrial design software such as UG to create product models and draw drawings. And can realize finite element analysis in the software.
2.Have an engineer's mind, be familiar with injection molding, metal, plate, wood and other processing techniques, and have a clear understanding of structure and materials.
3.The product structure is deepened and implemented, and we are good at factory docking and effectively promote the design implementation.
4.We hope you love the home furnishing industry. If you have a background in mechanical design, consumer goods, consumer electronics and other industrial design industries, we are very welcome.

Space Designer


1.3More than 20 years of experience in interior design, able to independently complete interior design plans involving commercial, office, residential and other types of projects.
2.Proficient in using CAD/su and other software, excellent experience in drawing construction drawings. Have in-depth control over construction drawings.
3.Work carefully and rigorously, and love space design. Clear logic, good at refining core information, and good writing skills. Applicants with backgrounds from well-known universities or well-known design teams are preferred.
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