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How do businesses adapt to the continuously changing aesthetic preferences of consumers?

Creating a groundbreaking wall-mounted makeup table.



Since its establishment in 1982, it has provided users with high-quality products, efficient services, and solutions that exceed expectations, helping families around the world enjoy a happier and better home life. KUKA Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was also successfully listed on the A-share market.

In the course of more than 40 years of development, KUKA Group has adhered to innovation and high efficiency. In its cooperation with JDS Group in 2020, KUKA Group proposed that although the company has nearly 500 product designers, the entire group still does not have a single award-winning work.


In the process of marketing, the company needs some image products to boost it. Communication of brand image. I hope JDS Group can provide product designs that are both popular and popular.


After receiving such a proposition, the team sorted out the brand lines and product lines of KUKA Group, and compared product development options from multiple angles. The team conducted research and interviews with the company's R&D team, and combined online e-commerce sales data with the predictive analysis of Alibaba Data Bank to extract the core keywords, namely, women, and beauty.

At this time, KUKA is in the process of transforming from a sofa brand to a comprehensive home furnishing brand that provides overall solutions for the entire home space. KUKA sofa has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people, relying on its strong offline distribution network and its attitude of highly embracing Internet e-commerce. KUKA Group’s full-category layout has begun. JDS Group decided to redesign the makeup table category based on market demand and corporate development direction.

Joe Makeup Hub

After thorough user research and market study, and after interviewing hundreds of female users about their make-up habits. The team categorised the cosmetic product sizes of major brands, as well as high-frequency use of make-up products. Based on actual life habits, the product functions are continuously optimised.

As honed found that the make-up table can be further upgraded in two major directions:

Firstly, in real life, although the footprint of the make-up table is not large, but compared with the area of the bedroom space of most families in China, it still accounts for a high proportion, usually in urban life, not all room types in the bedroom space can put down a make-up table.

Secondly, most of the current makeup table storage solutions are with drawers, and can not be clear and intuitive to use, the desktop space is usually particularly messy, combined with the use of some electrical appliances, resulting in will affect the visual effect of each makeup table and the use of experience.

After finding the core space and storage problems, product design and KUKA's full communication, decided to create a wall-mounted vanity table, and before that, there is no precedent for local Chinese companies.


JDS Group finally provided this "JOE makeup HUB", which integrates a series of functional solutions including mask refrigerator, power management, lighting, make-up mirror and magnifying mirror, etc. The thickness of the whole cabinet is only 200mm, which makes full use of the wall space in the bedroom. With this product, JDS Group hopes to deliver more emotional value to women, making furniture an antidote to a healing life. The space is more integrated with emotions, bringing a more convenient and comfortable using experience for female consumers.

The product won the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award and is loved by female consumers for its excellent and practical functions.

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