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In the new retail scenario, use products to help companies reduce marketing expenses:
​How to design an image product for the Red Star Macalline self-operated brand?

Customer Red Star Macalline

Red Star Macalline, as a leading chain of shopping malls in China's home building materials industry, is a listed company on both the A-share and Hong Kong stock exchanges.In 2019, Alibaba took a stake in Red Star Macalline, becoming the second largest shareholder of Red Star Macalline, marking the opening up of the online giant to the offline giant and the official establishment of a new retail division by Red Star Macalline.

As a self-owned brand of Redstar Macalline, with the new retail method as the core, puts forward the logic of single product attraction and combined transaction.

New retail focuses on the purpose of online and offline one price, the product must have a relatively high gross profit in order to balance the distribution of profit between online and offline, at the same time, the product marketing must maintain good circulation. Such a set of products can support the project to continue to promote. As a business incubation project, it is impossible to grasp a large amount of funds for product layout and marketing at the beginning of the establishment.


"And a brand needs a representative product can help companies in the process of product launch rely on the product to obtain the second passive communication, and help companies invariably save a marketing expenses."

JDS Group Founder
Joe Jiang

How to design a furniture product with brand image for Red Star Macalline?


In terms of exterior design, the M form not only represents the initials of Red Star Macalline, but also features a unique shape that gives the seat a stylish and distinctive look. This special shape of the seat is very convenient when stacking and can be tightly stacked together, thus reducing the cost of storage and transportation. This innovative design concept makes the M chair a practical and space-saving product for the home.


In addition, the dimensions of the M chair have been carefully considered to ensure its practicality in modern life. Modern homes often have limited living space, so the compact size of the M Chair makes it an ideal choice. Consumers can easily place it in a small living room, bedroom or office without taking up too much space. This product not only meets functional needs, but also harmonizes with modern home décor, providing a stylish and convenient solution for the home.


The product design process of the M lounge chair fully focuses on the relationship between the user's usage scenario and material matching, a key aspect that contributes to the product's uniqueness and practicality. In terms of material selection, the M lounge chair utilizes a variety of different materials to provide different tactile sensations and feelings. This material diversity not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product, but also provides users with more options to customize their lounge chair experience based on personal preferences and usage scenarios.


Whether it's a warm wooden frame or a sleek metal skeleton, the M lounge chair can fulfill users' needs for different styles. In addition, the seat and back cushions are made of high-quality fabric, leather or cozy velvet, providing users with a wealth of tactile choices, thus offering optimal sitting enjoyment in different seasons and atmospheres.


The multi-material design of the product further increases the durability and maintainability of the M lounge chair, allowing users to easily adapt to changes in home décor and ambiance, ensuring that the product maintains its high-quality appearance and performance over time. This meticulous design consideration not only enhances the user experience, but also emphasizes the exquisite craftsmanship and customizability of the product.


Once on the market, M Lounge Chair immediately won a wide range of consumer favorites and became a popular and popular product in the market. It has not only exploded in word-of-mouth among consumers, but has also quickly become a popular hit among many netizens on social media. This phenomenon has boosted the brand's exposure on the Internet, expanding the interaction with consumers at multiple levels and strengthening the recognition of its brand.


M Lounge Chair has also been honored with two distinguished design awards, including the 2021 IDA Design Award in the United States and the Adesign Design Award in Italy. These distinguished awards not only recognize the product itself, but also provide a significant strategic advantage for the company. They provide companies with a strong incentive to inspire innovation within their product categories, while also reinforcing the value of their brands and taking them to new heights.

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