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Reshaping the value of offline traffic,
create a new image store for an old brand of more than 20 years.

Customer Lyfen

Since its establishment in 2001, Lyfen, as a local brand in Shanghai and the first snacks listed company in A-share market, has gained great achievements in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and Lyfen has become the childhood memories of countless people in East China. Lyfen products even represent the existence of Shanghai's speciality products.

After more than 20 years of development, Lyfen is faced with the cruel market competition, snack brands in various regions to quickly seize the market, adhere to the fresh, quality Lyfen always believe that the quality of the product is the core. Brand upgrading and rejuvenation is unstoppable. With the 2022 Shanghai epidemic unsealed, the offline economy is gradually recovering. Shanghai city's Netflix attribute is gradually and quietly return to Anfu Road, Wukang Road and other small roads in Xuhui District, known as "Wutong District" by netizens, but also the birth of countless hot terriers such as "citywalk".


Lyfen, as a chain enterprise giant with more than 1,500 shops in Shanghai.

The determination of Lyfen to become a younger brand is the core element that defines the brand's flagship shop, so that consumers who are familiar with Lyfen can receive it.


The flagship shop was chosen from the perspective of both core business districts and netroots roadways, which is also the difference between traditional marketing and new media marketing. Laiyifen embraces not only the youthfulness of its consumer base, but also the youthfulness of its means of communication. Creating online heat, building consumers' minds, and keeping the brand with young people is the core communication logic of Layfen.


The flagship shop is located in the "Wutong District", a popular street. The daily flow of people is huge, and the spread of social media is amazing. The value of offline traffic has become the core carrier of online communication. If the offline shop is built well enough, the brand's online communication will increase geometrically, and combined with hot topics, it can always maintain efficient brand power.

Shop design logic from external attraction, internal conversion. To the competition in the net red street in the industry turned to category supplement, synergistic overall neighbourhood to pull the city experience. Shanghai brands are used to leave a better impression of the city of Shanghai.

In the design of the shop, a large number of elements common to Lyfen and the city of Shanghai were used, with the theme of integration and renewal, to achieve a soft landing for the brand upgrade, without splitting the associations of the shop's upgrading, and to maintain inextricable visual links with Lyfen's traditional shops. However, the overall texture was upgraded.

Functional partitions designed by Ru Hon for Lyfen

How to attract more market traffic through functional zoning?


The choice of open areas maintains the store's communication with the neighborhood, resulting in better interaction with consumers. The external retail windows allow for a more convenient purchase checkout experience for passing pedestrians. Huge door screens allow for repetition and amplification of all types of visual images to be output. Enhance the overall recognition of the store.


Layfen named the store "Layfen lab mini", "We will make another "Layfen lab" later", Mr. Shi Yonglei, the chairman of the board, said after reading the plan. Mr. Shi Yonglei, the chairman of the board of directors, said.

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