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Yotrio Group Co

In a competitive environment, how can export giants increase product gross margin?
Creating a globally best-selling outdoor chair.

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How do businesses adapt to the continuously changing aesthetic preferences of consumers?
Creating a groundbreakingwall-mounted makeup table.



Reshaping the value of offline traffic
Create a new image store for a Shanghai brand with more than
20 years of history

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Red Star Macalline

Three V

In the new retail scenario, use products to help companies reduce marketing expenses:
How to design an image product for Red Star Macalline’s self-operated brand?

On the road of corporate transformation, how do products drive the replacement of traditional furniture companies?



Facing the fierce competition in China's new energy vehicle market,
How does Tesla use its products to grow new users?

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Jiangsu Sunshine Group


The world's largest wool fabric manufacturer,
How can manufacturing companies use design to open up new markets?

Foreign trade-based furniture enterprises to transform the domestic market, the pain of change in the showroom how to express the brand vision?


How can globally recognized sustainable materials be used at a more product - level through design?


Creating calm and comfortable homes for businesses

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