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Our Capabilities

JDS Shanghai is an innovative design company

that specializes in R&D services for consumer durables companies.

It specializes in R&D services for consumer durables companies, including the undertaking of corporate product strategies, the creation of usage scenarios and offline sales venues, and the content support of marketing materials.

We also provide content support for marketing materials.

We help companies to organize their product development strategy and improve sales profit.

JDS Shanghai not only has a product design team, but also has a multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, brand marketing and other organizations.

We firmly believe that the mutual integration of multiple disciplines

can realize diversified innovation in products.

The Role of the Design Team

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The design team usually occupies a very important position in the operation of the enterprise, and all the ideas from all departments will be converged here. When the enterprise breaks down the annual business objectives, it usually needs the corresponding products or spaces to support the objectives. Whether it's manufacturing, retail or a chain, the experience of the product or space is critical.

Design and manufacturing teams are constantly researching the materials used in manufacturing to help improve efficiency.
The design team and brand marketing team communicate with the user to ensure that the product reflects the marketing point, and the brand marketing team needs to make sure that the product is delivered in a way that the audience will accept.
The design team and consumers often have a subtle transformational relationship, where the design team can represent the consumers themselves and also gather the needs of the consumer group, often through products or spaces, to build bridges of communication with consumers.

Working Process

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JDS team uses a client-based approach to follow up on each client's request, and therefore usually has a project manager with multiple vertical specialisations to take responsibility for the project. Depending on the needs of different clients, we match different team sizes.

A project-based team follows up and pays for the manpower costs of the project team. Usually the time period of a project determines the overall cost of the project, and we sign annual cooperation agreements with many of our clients to solve problems around each user for a long period of time. Short-term projects are usually unable to call on the service team of a fixed client, so the fee will be increased appropriately.

JDS has supported the design of co-operation with major companies due to the excellent industry experience and training capabilities as well as the love of our entire staff for their profession. Faster output efficiency eliminates the management costs and business risks of many in-house teams.

JDS's annual cooperation brand customers harvested all kinds of international design awards, such as the red dot design award,IF award etc. Product awards also harvested notable sales performance, and customers together to achieve sustainable cooperation and values.
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