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Creating calm and comfortable homes for businesses

Case Private Residential Project

The private residential project in Ru Hon has carefully considered the different lifestyles of three generations. The design ingenuity can be felt upon entering the home. Through clear zoning, spacious public spaces are delineated to meet the needs of family members' simultaneous activities, as well as providing an ideal place for small gatherings. Subtle adjustments to the floor plan and the flow line incorporate natural and harmonious family relationships into the design, while clearly conveying the concept of family education. The brightness and simplicity of the space eliminates excessive decorations, allowing the owners to create a unique tasteful personalized style according to their personal preferences and life accumulation. 

Re-planned floor plan for private residence at the beginning of the project

Orderly entrance, is the first part of home. 5~6 people living space, shoe storage must be hundreds of pairs of shoes, a clean and tidy entrance is the first feeling to welcome you home. In the design of not only fully considered all the function and action of the entrance storage, but also the artwork lamps and lanterns furniture fully integrated with the space, to maintain the best feeling of entry.


After the kitchen and dining room are opened and treated, it connects to the landscape of the outdoor swimming pool, forming a long visual dynamic line, which invariably widens the size of the space. Considering the convenience of the elderly going up and down the stairs, the elevator is also added to the space, as the center point of the whole house, the elevator goes to any place in the whole house is the same distance.


In terms of floor plan layout, we have fully considered the different lifestyles of the 3 generations, starting from the entry, we have separated the public space from the private space and the public space is large enough to ensure that all people can move around at the same time and can hold small gatherings.


People want to be able to share the beautiful things they have hidden with their friends with a space to show, the combination of audio-visual room and wine cellar, in this private space, not only can you share the wine with your good friends, but also with your family to watch movies and enjoy a comfortable audio-visual experience.


The tea room, together with the living room, is the sunniest place in the whole space, where good friends gather to listen to the piano and sip tea. The space is both modern and traditional, combined with the half-wood brand furniture, which is a leisurely way to carry the Tao.

In the design of residential space, design is always about solving people's problems, not about a certain sense of design. Forms and the so-called sense of ceremony certainly have a reason for existence, but how to implement the concepts in life in a silent manner in the hands and feet, is the design put in front of the problem to be solved.


Since the owner and his wife have a couple of children and live with the man's mother, the natural harmony of the family relationship and the clear concept of education became a deeper issue than the design itself.


The children's and elderly rooms are side by side facing south and have their own balconies to help bring the children closer to their grandmothers. The master bedroom checkroom is connected to the study, ensuring that the master bedroom forms a separate and private space.


A semi-outdoor lounge area is set up by the pool where weekend get-togethers or open-air barbecues can be held, and the gym and pool ensure that family members develop healthy habits.


Compared with the original design, we adjusted the space more bright and simple, easy to take care of. Omit excessive decoration, the taste of the space combined with furniture products and furnishings, so that owners according to their own preferences and life accumulation gradually form the user's own style. In the future life, constant additions will make the space more and more full, but also more and more memory.


As a result of the constructor's self-improvement, the construction site was repeatedly visited by various departments of Midea Real Estate, and because of this project, the constructor undertook a lot of business in the development. Such a benign cycle is driven by a design full of goodwill and joy, and a good design not only brings a good living condition to the owners, but also helps every relevant person in the industry chain to establish the requirements for quality and rigorous work.

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