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The world's largest wool fabric manufacturer,
How can manufacturing companies use design to open up new markets?

Case Jiangsu Sunshine Group

It is a national key enterprise group and a national model enterprise for technological innovation, involved in woolen clothing, medical equipment, ecological agriculture and forestry, big data management, overseas mining industry, etc. It is the only enterprise in China's textile industry that has won China's world-famous brand name and China Quality Award, and it undertakes the work of the secretariat of the ISO International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC 17025). It has won the nomination award of "China Quality Award", "Asia Quality Innovation Award", "Global Performance Excellence Award", "China Quality Award", and "China Quality Award". China Quality Award", realizing the "Grand Slam" in the field of quality.

As a leading wool textile company in China and even in the world, the company has been extending its business to more fields of application in recent years, including the home furnishing industry. Due to the large number of products used in indoor space, Sunshine Group actively explored the market and found JDS to design a fabric for it in indoor space.

After analyzing the usage scenarios of the fabric products, JDS divided the products into various categories, such as furniture fabrics, curtains, carpets, siding, blankets, fabrics, etc., and analyzed the characteristics of different fabrics for different scenarios.


"When considering the incorporation of Chinese cultural contextual factors, our choice of Chinese window reflection as a visual concept creates a harmonious echo with the autumn sunshine. The realization of this idea will infuse traditional Chinese cultural elements into the product and bring a unique visual appeal to the Sunshine Group's designs."

JDS Group founder Qiuhua Jiang

After in-depth analysis and research on the basic properties of the fabric, combined with the inspiration of Sunshine Group as a leading company in the woolen industry as well as the Autumn Sunshine, we set out to redefine the fabric's organization using cotton as the medium, and committed to creating a brand new weaving method.


After many careful adjustments and refinements, we succeeded in presenting the fabric in a unique state in which the elements of knitting and weaving intertwine with each other to create a stunning blurring effect. This innovation is not only expected to breathe new life into the Sunshine Group, but also to bring exciting changes to the market. In redefining the fabric's organization in order to create a new weave, knit and textile are intertwined to create a fabric with a thick texture, color from a distance and texture up close.

Visual experimentation with fabrics

In terms of color, JDS team carefully analyzed the autumn scenery of different parts of China and extracted traditional Chinese color codes and names based on the unique colors presented in each place. This creativity pursues warmth in the touch of fabrics, which is different from tradition, while retaining the divine charm of oriental culture. Such a design concept infuses Sunshine Group's products with unique cultural connotations, making them distinctive in color and touch.


The collaboration with Sunshine Group is an outstanding example of JDS's team expanding design thinking into multiple fields. China has world-leading manufacturing capabilities, so more and more companies are actively seeking design partnerships to help them better expand their markets and gain new brand value. This case highlights the excellence of the manufacturing capabilities and allows more consumers to recognize the high level of quality made in China. Against the backdrop of an overall economic downturn, the market is becoming more rational, and the JDS team is working with the company to meet the challenge of utilizing change to drive the market forward and design innovation to meet changing needs. This cooperation not only brings competitive advantages to enterprises, but also brings new impetus and creativity to the market!

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