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How can export giants improve product gross margins amidst competition?
Creating an outdoor seating that sells worldwide.

Customer Yotrio Group Co

Founded in 1992, Yotrio Group is a leading global manufacturer of outdoor and leisure furniture and an A-share listed company.


In more than 30 years of development, the company has been serving overseas brands in the form of B TO B. The large-scale outlets are the core of the company, forming a huge sales network all over the world. Superb craftsmanship and excellent cost control make Yongqiang maintain a strong advantage in the competition all the time.


In recent years, with the instability of the international situation and many other factors, as a giant of export enterprises, Yotrio year by year rising comprehensive costs and best-selling products year by year downward adjustment of the selling price, so that the gross profit of the product continues to diminish. Enterprises are in urgent need of some gross profit-enhancing products to help them survive better.


"How to design an outdoor seat that will sell well worldwide for 50 years?"


After receiving such a proposition, JDS Group disassembled the problem into multiple dimensions to sort it out. By studying the multiple consumer demands for outdoor seating among exporters, we were able to design an outdoor seating that could boost gross profit.


The team visited a number of well-known attractions in Europe, including Italy and France, product companies, private homes, and supermarkets. After investigating the sales and usage scenarios, the team found that outdoor seating needs to meet some basic conditions such as comfort, lightness, stackability, etc., but should also be integrated with the scenarios, so that the user can get a full relaxation and reach the potential consumer groups in all aspects.

Field Trip

“When in a time when there is no longer a shortage of chairs.
Every chair that is designed
Should fulfil the purpose of its existence.”

Joe Jiang, Founder of JDS Group

A perennial best-selling chair must try to satisfy the universality of form, the simplicity of production, the friendliness of transport, the environmental friendliness of materials, and the ease of purchase for the consumer. It is for this reason that the product should be designed from the outset with diversity in mind.

How can we help Yongqiang develop the category and achieve innovation?

During the research, we also found some ways and means in the chair design process, such as extracting the core points from the sales data of global best-selling chairs and redesigning them, extracting the common appearance from outdoor chairs and deepening the design, designing the best-selling products to reduce the cost again, making optimisation with the process, providing innovative designs that meet the trend of application scenarios from the perspective of the form, and so on.

In the long-term annual cooperation, we matched a team of 7 people to follow up this project. During the course of the project, we have received exciting feedback from the client, with the chair design receiving not only positive feedback from buyers around the world, but also international awards, including the Red Dot Award. Two of the products have been exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2023 and have attracted a large number of European customers. The project responds positively to Yotrio Group's corporate strategy of working with companies to develop new outdoor categories and achieve product category innovation.

Discusses the design direction of outdoor seating with customers at Yotrio Group's factory.
“梜”椅 红点奖
JDS Group's "Jia Chair" for Yotrio Group won the Red Dot Award 2023.
"Jia Chair" at Milan Exhibition

We have carefully debugged each chair to ensure the understanding and execution of the process in the design, the restoration and simulation of sales scenarios and usage scenarios, and careful consideration during the transportation process, so that each chair can be used in every aspect that will occur. All are considered.

Moving forward together with cooperative enterprises is a sustainable value that JDS Group firmly believes in. Respect objective facts, take reasonable actions, obtain long-term results over time, and reap common achievements through hard work.

Such as JDS Group has degree.

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