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National cultural IP Mei Lanfang,
How to use products to rejuvenate themselves in the next 100 years?

Case Mei Concept


Mei Lanfang Foundation established its home life brand Mei Concept in 2022, which is a humanistic aesthetic concept brand originated from Mr. Mei Lanfang's "New National Style Oriental Aesthetics". With a high degree of cultural self-awareness and a broad international vision, Mei Concept takes "space, habitat and lifestyle" as its cultural carrier, so that more people around the world can understand and see the charm of Chinese culture.

Jds design has always been providing design services for enterprises based on the oriental design philosophy of "JDS", so mei concept invited JDS to cooperate on product design.

The "Welcome" table is one of the early products designed by JDS, the "Welcome" table made of carbon fiber is one of JDS's explorations of the material, and the highly lightweight design solves the problem of movable side table, which is the reason why the product receives wide acclaim, and has won many international awards including Red Dot Award, Adesign Design Award, and so on. For its unique and sculptural shape, it has won many international awards, including the Red Dot Award and the Adesign Design Award, and its works have been permanently collected by the Mood Museum in Italy, the Red Dot Museum in Chengdu, and the Red Dot Museum in Xiamen.


Mei Concept and JDS have created a second creation, combining carbon fiber and traditional Chinese lacquer crafts, including eggshell lacquer and conch shell crafts, to express the butterfly passage in Mr. Mei Lanfang's life work "The Story of the Willow Shade" in a traditional non-heritage crafts in the table. The collision of industrialized products and traditional craftsmanship creates an unparalleled modern masterpiece.


Mei Concept's mission is to promote traditional Chinese culture. In the last century, Mr. Mei Lanfang, as a representative figure of Chinese Peking Opera, brought Chinese drama to the world, and Mr. Mei Lanfang was known as a great man of humanities, the founder of one of the world's three major theatrical performance systems, and the "People's Artist" representing the excellent traditional Chinese culture. "Mr. Mei Lanfang is also known as a great humanist artist, the founder of one of the world's three major theatrical performance systems, the "People's Artist" representing the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the "Most Beautiful Struggler of the Republic" jointly honored by nine ministries and commissions on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation, and the "National Business Card From "Cultural Symbol" to "National Name Card", "Humanities Giant", "Artistic Master", etc., Mr. Mei Lanfang's continuous breakthroughs and innovations in theater are the innovative spirit that Mei Concept wants to express to the users in the new era. Concept will "preserve" the artistic and humanistic influence that Mr. Mei Lanfang built up in the world half a century ago, and will also "inherit" his profound artistic attainments and noble sentiments and virtues, and "integrate the East and the West" with the contemporary high-grade human living concept. "Renew" Mr. Mei Lanfang's concept of "New National Style Oriental Aesthetics" and transmit it to the world.

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