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Thirty years on the road to development, how do private entrepreneurs shape the new space and culture of their businesses?

Case Three V

Three V was founded in 1990, A-share listed "3D shares" in the petrochemical rubber, rail transportation, fine chemicals and thermoelectricity in a number of fields are China's leading enterprises.

After more than 30 years of development, the chairman of the company decided to re-plan the office building and reception center and other buildings on a new piece of land, to separate the factory and office reception area layout.

To create a headquarters office, staff accommodation, business hospitality, senior clubs, recreation centers as one of the office and leisure park.

Jds Group's early design inspirations

Taking the revitalization of national industry as its responsibility, Sanbit Group emphasizes integrity and innovation, and has won a wide range of market share with outstanding product quality. The brand new park as a whole adopts a new Chinese design, with an architectural style that combines traditional Chinese gardens, echoing the Group's promotion of traditional Chinese culture.

One, two and two floors of the office building for the reception and exhibition area, for the full use of space height and light control, is the whole space needs to solve the main problem, such as honing team using the traditional Chinese screen concept, the relationship between the virtual and real space for the division of the large block, and will be the outdoor light through the screen effectively control to the indoor light into the amount of light, in order to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere of the hall as a whole.


On the front desk and back wall, multiple Longquan celadon pieces with V-shaped structure form a visual backdrop with the Group's logo. The welcoming front desk, on the other hand, realizes the v-shaped pattern through stone parquet to echo the brand. The reception area and the visiting line of motion allow the experiencer to fully feel the transformation of the spatial relationship, and with the placement of the rotary staircase, a better experience is left in the space.


The entire design includes high-rise office space, meeting space, staff office floors, as well as a large conference center and other areas, such as honing team for comprehensive space planning and design.

Creating an empowering work experience

Through research, JDS has studied that the office of the future must be able to balance the need for privacy and collaboration, and provide a more intimate office space that can increase productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction. Through the research, JDS shortlisted four main design concepts: office, collaboration, eco-technology and warmth. By designing mobile layouts with high mobility, assistance and autonomy, creating an empowering work experience, giving employees choice and flexibility, and providing a diverse and inclusive environment, we are able to realize a win-win combination for both employees' productivity and employers.

​Floor plan layout of the staff office area

Hotels and clubs pay more attention to the experience requirements in the whole project, therefore, during the design process, the JDS team fully combines the human history of the company's location, extracts the human characteristics from the local culture, combines the local traditional culture with the actual functional requirements, and translates the humanistic thinking behind into the user experience in the way of design. The design of the hotel and clubhouse all express the design team's respect for the local culture.

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