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亿法特 空间设计

Foreign trade furniture companies transform into the domestic market,
How does the exhibition hall express the brand vision in the midst of changes?

Case Entune Living

2005 Entune Living, established in 2001, has accumulated excellent manufacturing capabilities in many years of foreign trade. The brand's product manufacturing and quality control have always been at the forefront of the industry. During many years of exporting to overseas markets, Entune Living has accumulated a lot of high-quality products and met many outstanding industry designers.

Export companies usually face several huge challenges when they transition to the domestic market, including building a talent team, opening up domestic market channels, establishing a sales network, shaping a brand image, adjusting pallets, etc. A large number of companies have basically no idea what to do when facing these problems. The foreign trade order-based production model has created a manufacturing team with high standards, but it has not developed a brand gene.

How can you help your business with integrated marketing?

Efatech chose a strategy of integrating past products to quickly form a pallet strategy adapted to the Chinese market, and used the corporate showroom as a private customer conversion scenario to quickly realize turnover performance. The design of the showroom is actually to help the enterprise to reveal the complete strategy of palletization and form a comprehensive display of the solution. Customers can also be based on the experience of the showroom, leaving a very good experience of the visit, help to close the deal.

JDS Group in site planning with brand founder Ms. Mo

Therefore, Entune Living's showroom space design has turned into an experimental space for enterprises to quickly realize brand transformation and trial and error. During this transformation process, JDS team actively intervened in the showroom design, adopting the idea of pallet planning to assist the enterprise in optimizing the product layout and spatial experience. They divided the entire space into multiple small scenes, each of which was laid out according to a different visual style, covering a total of four styles. Through the carefully planned soft furnishing details and dynamic line design, they successfully extended the customers' stay time in the showroom, thus enhancing the brand display effect.


Despite the relative focus of Entune Living's product types, the team did not encounter any obvious differences during the showroom layout. All products were quickly integrated into this new environment and categorized in an orderly series according to the style system, further enhancing the coherence and attractiveness of the overall display. This comprehensive and well-planned space design has provided solid support for Entune Living's brand presentation and transformation, bringing the company more opportunities for success.


During the process of setting up the showroom, Ms. Mo, the brand founder, gradually clarified the brand development direction and product strategy, and cooperated with the JDS team for long-term product strategy.

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