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杜邦可丽耐 - 太湖桌

How can globally recognized sustainable materials be used at a more product-level through design?

Case DuPont-Corian

2005 Entune Living, established in 2001, has accumulated excellent manufacturing capabilities in many years of foreign trade. The brand's product manufacturing and quality control have always been at the forefront of the industry. During many years of exporting to overseas markets, Entune Living has accumulated a lot of high-quality products and met many outstanding industry designers.

Export companies usually face several huge challenges when they transition to the domestic market, including building a talent team, opening up domestic market channels, establishing a sales network, shaping a brand image, adjusting pallets, etc. A large number of companies have basically no idea what to do when facing these problems. The foreign trade order-based production model has created a manufacturing team with high standards, but it has not developed a brand gene.

Product research on DuPont Corian

How to realise the product characteristics while taking advantage of Corian materials?

Tables are a category easily associated with kitchen countertops, and Nu Heng believes that marble tables have a very luxurious aesthetic with their own unique charm. How Corian artificial stone can challenge the design of a marble table is the question that Ruheng needs to answer. And the first answer to this solution is lightness.

Traditional marble tables are usually relatively thick and heavy, both visually and in terms of actual weight, which is unavoidable, and marble is favoured by major luxury brands for its wonderful texture. Corian, as a flat replacement material for marble, deserves to perform better. Because Corian can be seamlessly spliced, and impact resistance is not easy to fracture characteristics, such as honing the edge of the table only 3mm thickness, the whole table whether from the visual or with talent on the ultimate thin. In the base, the table is the full use of Corian can be curled characteristics of the base as a hollow column to support the desktop.

Investigate the portability of the table
太湖桌 纹路处理
​Product's inspiration and texture

How to make the product itself closer to the essence of life?

For the surface treatment, the team was inspired by a proverb about a lake, "still water runs deep". Using this as a symbol, the material was further cut to reduce weight. The weight of the entire product is only one tenth of a traditional marble table. Corian's excellent feel and veins are the most relevant expression of the final product designed by Nu Honing. Inspired by water, Ruheng's team named the table "Taihu Lake Table".


Taihu table won the 2023, China Furniture Association issued the "new product of the year" products have been widely praised. Famous designer Mr Shen Baohong left such a comment: "this table leaves a shadow to the light".

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