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Huang Qiaoli

Space Designer

She is a space designer in Ruheng. Has many years of experience in space, art furnishings.
She has excellent project experience, has been responsible for Alibaba, Ant Group, Lakeside Creative Research Centre and other large-scale interior design projects, from concept to landing have been unanimously approved by the group's senior management.
In terms of private residences, the owners include the chairmen of many listed companies, such as Guangdong Xiongfeng Group and Taizhou Sanwei Group, and she has also served the self-residential spaces of many members of the Lakeside School Council and Alibaba Group, such as Jack Ma and Zhang Ying.
In the design, Jolie Huang has a good control of balancing the space temperament and project demands, listening to the real demands of the owners, and is very careful about the details of the project. Her works have won the Italian Adesign Design Award, China's Huading Award, Golden Eagle Award, Jintang Award, Longcheng Award and so on.
Jolie Huang loves travelling around the world to explore classic design works. She has travelled all over Europe and Asia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Art from Xiangtan University.

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