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Jiang Qiuhua


He is the founder of Ruheng and is responsible for Ruheng working with customers to use design to drive growth.
He was the design director of Red Star Macalline’s new retail. As a designer, he has won many international design awards including the world-renowned Red Dot and IF Design Awards.
Customers we have cooperated with include: Tesla, Yongqiang Group, Gujia Group, Laiyifen, DuPont, Sunshine Group and many other listed companies. Due to our practical experience and in-depth participation in the Chinese local market, we have a core focus on product promotion of corporate growth. opinion. Jiang Qiuhua constantly explores new forms of product design and discovers the real demands of the consumer market. Use design to break down the barriers on the manufacturing side, sales side, and brand side of the enterprise to achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise, consumers, and suppliers.
Jiang Qiuhua is also an undergraduate teacher of the furniture design course at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. The teaching on the university campus cultivates the team and students, bringing academics and market demand closer, constantly conveying sustainable design concepts to school students, so that companies and schools can better connection.
In addition, he has been invited to participate in high-quality domestic and foreign industry forums such as Milan Furniture Fair, Paris Design Week, Copenhagen Design Week, Shanghai Furniture Fair and so on for many years. And is a design committee member of China Furniture Association. Kujiale, a leading technology company in China's home furnishing industry, hired him as a senior industry consultant.
Jiang Qiuhua holds a bachelor's degree in furniture design from Nanjing Forestry University. Learned from Mr. Lu Yongzhong.

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