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Zhang Liangxu

Graphic Designer

He is Ruheng’s multimedia designer. She specializes in multi-media design creation such as graphic design, editorial design, installation and video to produce eye-catching and practical design works.
Zhang Liangxu was a teaching assistant at the Royal College of Art in London, participated in the Wimbledon Art Fair, and had contact with the creative team of De La Rue, a British coin design company. She brings an interdisciplinary way of thinking to her design creation, which allows her to see problems from different perspectives and provide clients with unique and creative solutions. Create strong connections between business value and customer needs. She believes that understanding the client's goals and vision is the key to a successful design project, so she works hard to ensure that her design work is aligned with the client's wishes while delivering innovative solutions.
Zhang Liangxu holds a master's degree in visual communication from the Royal College of Art. During his master's degree, his graduation thesis was included in the Royal College of Art as the first-class thesis in the school. Have received
2018Platinum Art Creative International College Student Graphic Design Competition Award, invitation to participate in the Cohesion in the Clouds exhibition and other outstanding resumes.

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