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如珩家具及空间强调平衡舒适,强调用户与品牌之间共生共赢,以长期价值与用户做终身的伙伴。实现真正的可持续发展和繁荣。---创始人 江秋华

​In Chinese, "HENG" is the beautiful jade around the waist ofa gentleman.


"RUHENG" is the value of Ruheng Furniture, a gentleman is like honing, with a degree of tension and relaxation.Degree not only contains the temperature and scale, but also the value that the brand advocated when it was founded - balance.


Chinese people's inner pursuit of peace and a side of the world's desire has not changed, no matter how the times change, such as honed furniture has always insisted on the human scale to respond to life. Modern life is characterized by high efficiency and intense pace, wrapping up everyone's day. Therefore, Ruheng hopes that through the space and furniture and furnishings, at the moment of returning home can be away from impatience, so that the body and mind to get a full rest, so that the user in the fast-paced city to find a piece of peace, energy to be replenished.


Ruheng furniture does not have the so-called "design" in the commercial mouth, insisting on returning to the user's heart, starting from life, using natural materials, simple lines, sketching out the desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world.There is not so much competition, only home-like simplicity.


Ru heng furniture and space emphasizes balance and comfort,emphasizes the symbiosis and win-win situation between users and the brand, and makes lifelong partners with users with longterm value. Realize true sustainable development and prosperity.

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