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Our values are both the way we live and the principles by which we work.
We provide high-quality and valuable products and services, improving the lives of consumers now and for future generations.
​ Therefore, consumers will outstanding experience, leading value creation and profits, give back to us, let our
Colleagues, our shareholders and the communities where we live and work thrive.


Use innovation to develop market demand

Persist in cultivating small but meaningful differences
Adhere to the interweaving of thinking in multidisciplinary teams
Adhere to the team atmosphere of continuous learning and create a diverse team culture

Win the market with efficient iteration

We continually revise our understanding of strategy until it is clearly implemented
We insist on using the highest internal standards as the benchmark for the next project

Create within reason

Unexpected new experience
We use rational logic to deduce the design
​We use perceptual thinking to verify the design



Treat every day with sincerity

Integrity must always govern our desire to win
We do our best to get close to the essence of things
We base our recommendations and risk identification on rational facts
We adhere to Ruheng’s values in every decision and action

Sense of responsibility

We firmly believe that responsibility for family is a prerequisite for work
We have a clear vision and strong leadership to deliver results within our areas of responsibility
We value mastery, encourage and expect exposure to technical mastery and excellence in execution, and believe that all have a responsibility to continually develop themselves and others
We focus resources to achieve goals and develop capabilities to remove organizational barriers
​We accept expanded personal responsibility boundaries as a result of meeting business needs, improving team systems, and helping others become more efficient

Simplicity is a way of thinking

Value-centered cost awareness is the guideline for our work and life
We only do work that adds value to the enterprise
We try to simplify and standardize various processes as much as possible to streamline our current work to save everyone's time

The more focused you are, the more successful you will be

We believe in step by step, working hard every day with a small step, and achieving results with a big step.
We are strategically focused in our work and only conduct business based on clearly articulated goals and strategies
We have an in-depth understanding of our users and their needs, and maintain long-term close cooperation with customers and suppliers for mutual benefit.
We deliver concepts, products, spaces, packaging to build successful brand equity
​We always strive to do the right thing and be a good corporate citizen



We use our passion to bloom the sparks of life

We are passionate about winning and strive to be the best in areas of strategic importance to the company.
We rigorously measure our performance against the best internally and externally, and we learn from our successes and failures

Care for our planet

We build a better environment, not at the expense of destroying it.
​We are bringing together people, ideas and capital to promote progress and growth, helping everyone create a better time, while constantly encouraging our customers and users to work together to protect our community for us Work with the Earth

Work together to build and coexist with one heart and one mind

We respect our colleagues, clients and consumers and treat them the way we would like to be treated.
​We have full confidence in each other's abilities and intentions. We work together with confidence and trust across business units, functions, and geographies.
We rely on integrity management to achieve a win-win situation for both the company and individuals. Our mutual drive for success binds us together.
We co-create with all those who contribute to our corporate purpose and are proud of the results we get when we repurpose other people's ideas.
​We are open to integrating sustainability into our designs and operations




​Use design to create a positive impact with everyone

Design services with good intentions 100 warm company

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